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Company Profile
Woh Cheong Carton (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a corrugated carton converting manufacturer establish since year 2000, which is located at Villaraya Ind. Park, Semenyih Malaysia. Strategically positioned to ensures that customer at center region are provided with quick respond and service every time. Our factory present annual capacity at 2500 MT and planning to increase our annual capacity to 3,500 MT.

Mission Statement: To supply Corrugated Carton with excellence service and meet customer need in terms of delivery, quality and pricing.

Vision Statement: To become preferred corrugated carton supplier that supported by a team of passion employees.

Company Core Value:

1) Customer Service Excellence - We are dedicated to satisfy customer needs and committed to on-time delivery and good quality

2) Stay Competitive - Continuous innovation, reduce wastage, simplify and improve our processes to achieve price competitiveness

3) Teamwork - We work as one team. We recognise every employee is a member of it. We work together to meet our common goals

4) Passion - We are passionate about our work. We believe in our Products & Services and these help customers to achieve their business needs

5) Profitable Growth - Seeking sustainable profitable growth by expanding our businesses. It allowed us to improve company’s facilities, employee’s lifestyle and contribution to the community

The future of Corrugated and it's advantage
Corrugated has a great advantage over other packaging mediums as it comes from a renewable source – wood. It is one of the best examples for sustainability, the perfect loop, because theoretically all corrugated board can be recycled and turned back into paper. You lose some of the fibres during the process of paper recycling because they become shorter, and they eventually enter the environment as a natural biodegradable material. Across Europe as a whole corrugated has 82% going back into paper production.

Customers can tend to think that they are destroying valuable trees when they use corrugated boxes which is Europe at least is definitely not the case, because Europe plant more trees than cut down. If you look at the balances in the Scandinavian Countries, they are achieving a completely sustainable forest economy. Another ideology is that one way corrugated box use is worse than returnable. This statement is false as a generalisation. Each case has to be viewed on its own. Sometimes returnable systems are better; sometimes one way is, depending on the circumstances. Corrugated is excellent in cost effectiveness. It is lightweight and easy for staff to handle, and there is unlimited scope in terms of size & design. Corrugated is easy to print and is a natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable product.

Corrugated is the ideal material for Transport packaging. The input-output relationship is excellent. With clever construction you can save a lot of waste & material. There is constant development in this respect. The paper industry is now producing standard 90g already, which is achieving the same performance as heavier papers did in the past. Over the years you can observe a constant decrease in the average weight of corrugated packaging which can only help the environment. Corrugated is also ideal for RFID with chips easily integrated into the box.

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